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With 3asafeer’s online digital library, schools & libraries can now have quality, cost-efficient, trackable resources for reading in Arabic for kids. Along with a wealth of aiding materials, resources & worksheets for teachers to use in the classroom. With leveled content, based on the latest research in child Arabic literacy education.

Learn to Read

We work with several schools in the Arab World, to help them build the reading habit among their students, and also keep track of their progress.

Deeper Insights

Teachers gain a deeper insight into their students progress, with easy to understand actionable charts. In addition to profiling student's interests, to allow teachers to teach new skills using insights into students interests.

Saving Time & Effort

Our service offers the teachers an easy, quick and effective way to engage & communicate with parents and keep them informed on the progress of their children with facts and benchmarks.


Quantitative And Qualitative Measurements:

We believe in the importance of quantitative and qualitative measurement of results. And that's why we openly share with you the number of stories read and the amount of hours spent reading during the past month (Past 30 days) as well as some responses from our young readers as sent by their parents. To see more stats, please visit the Statistics Page:

During Past Month:

Children spent 27,247 Hours reading on the platform.

Children read 269,046 Stories on the platform.







Free Trial

You can contact us to register for a free trial of our program, with everything set up for you in less than 48 hours. So that you can start enjoying the benefits of an exciting learning experience with your students in no time.


We work with many partners who seek to enrich kids' lives with their knowledge about themselves and the world around them:

Knowledge and Human Resources Development Authority
Partnering with KHDA to introduce the benefits of leveled reading & 3asafeer’s ICT education innovation into schools in Dubai, by conducting pilots in a number of selected schools.
The Breteau Foundation
Working with The Breteau Foundation (BF) to provide syrian refugee students in Jordan & Lebanon refugee camps with our full digital library free of charge. The foundation aims to enable underprivileged children to reach their full potential through the delivery of digital educational tools.
Winner of Seedstars World startup competition Dubai(2016). SSW is a Switzerland based startup competition that takes place in emerging markets. SSW promotes investment in entrepreneurship in emerging markets.
The UAE Board on Books for young people (UAEBBY) is the national section in the United Arab Emirates of the International Board on Books for young people (IBBY). Its vision is to be the driving force for the promotion of a reading culture among the children and young people of the UAE.
Arab Thought Foundation
The Arab Thought Foundation is an international independent non-governmental organization. It has no inclination to any party or religious group; it is rather dedicated to promote the Nation’s pride with all its principles, values and ethics, in an atmosphere of a responsible freedom.
Arabi 21
"Arabi 21" is a cultural project in its content, educational in its means, through which we can look forward to a future where Arab citizens "contribute" in Science, Literature, Arts and Development, and provides each and everyone the necessary language skills and methods of expression.
We Love Reading
We Love Reading is a Non-Profit organization with a mission to establish a library in every neighborhood in the Arab world by training individuals to read out loud to 4-10 year old children from local communities, reading material that is fun and age appropriate, as well as organizing the storytellers in a network for sustainability.
The Little Tailor
Al Khayyat Al Saghir was established by Rania Zaghir in 2007 which specializes in publishing Arabic picture books. Serious topics are dealt with through imaginative and often hilarious illustrations and phrases, her publications have received great recognition from teachers, parents & the media, but mostly from children.
Jordan Education Initiative
Jordan Education Initiative (JEI), is currently one of Her Majesty's Queen Rania Al Abdullah not-for-profit organizations, was created as a pioneer model for developing education, based on fostering ingenuity, utilizing the power of technology and coupling it with proven modern teaching strategies; in order to transform the school environment into a cradle of discovery and creativity.

Contact Us

You can contact us in any of the following listed ways, you can also join the team of outstanding teachers and follow the latest teaching methods mailing list by clicking the button below:

Email Address: info@3asafeer.com

Phone Number: 00971502810151